How Taylor Swift Helped Me Get Into The Data School

by Caitlyn O'Connor

So if you are thinking of applying or have already started the application process for The Data School, I am going to give you a few helpful tips that I used when I applied!

Tip 1:

When I first found The Data School and The Information Lab, I had absolutely zero experience with Tableau. So if that is also you, then the best way to get accustomed to the software is to have a play around!

Either you can find a very simple data set or use the pre-loaded Superstore dataset on Tableau and just see what happens when you drag and drop different combinations into different places.

I learned a lot about Tableau this way, as there is no pressure on making the perfect charts and just focuses on trying to understand the capabilities of the software.

Tip 2:

So you are probably wondering how Taylor Swift helped me get into The Data School. Well, I chose to analyze a dataset about Taylor Swift for my first application dashboard!

Choosing a topic to analyze in your first application dashboard can seem like a daunting task, so why not make it fun and about something that brings you joy. Whether that is finding a dataset about your favorite musician, sports team or tv program, the options are endless. This will make the application process not only more interesting for you as you are learning more about a topic you enjoy, but it will also show off your personality and help you stand out from the crowd.

Tip 3:

Last but not least, always ask for feedback!

Showing your dashboard to as many people as possible can be a very helpful way to see if there are any areas of analysis that are unclear or could be explained better or visualized a different way. So show your dashboard to your friends and family and also you can reach out to anyone at The Information Lab as everyone is super helpful and the majority of them have also been in the same position you are in now!