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We train you together with the rest of your cohort for four months in Tableau, Alteryx, data analysis, consulting, and more. You gain experience working with clients over four six-month-long placements, leaving you with valuable cross-industry experience and networks

Who are we looking for?

You want to learn
You are happy to share your knowledge with others
You are open to feedback and to improve on it
You like the idea of helping others

When do I need to apply?

Our application process has recently changed and we have moved to an open application process. We have currently cohorts starting every four months in February, June, and October.

Interested in a specific cohort that works well for you? Apply for that one! Interested in the next cohort? Apply for that one! In other words, we’re always accepting applications.

Keep in mind that we still need to have deadlines for making offers for each cohort.

Note: Deadline and start dates are subject to change in light of the current situation regarding Covid-19.

Who are we?

We have a simple mission: to help people make sense of their data. Since 2011, our UK team has grown to 100+ and our European community to 300+. We work with hundreds of companies of all sizes – from small charities such as Dads Unlimited right through to renowned professional services companies such as PwC – helping all of them make the most of their data. Sometimes this can be reconfiguring how they technically get and use their data; sometimes it can be through analysing it more effectively to make the right decisions. And sometimes it can be by training their teams internally. We do it all by specialising in becoming experts in the leading products for data visualisation and data integration: Tableau and Alteryx. Outside of our commercial work, we are also committed to building this mission by offering free and regular training to any individual or company who wants to attend.

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What’s The Data School all about?

New to data or never heard of Tableau and Alteryx? Not a problem! The Data School was started as a way to train the next generation of data analysts and, particularly, Tableau and Alteryx specialists. For four months, you’ll be taught by two Tableau Zen Master head coaches along with other trainers from the wider team. You will also learn broader skills about storing, managing and presenting data, as well as personal skills to help boost your confidence in becoming an exceptional consultant. Then you’ll take part in four placements, where you’ll have the opportunity to use these skills to directly help our customers with their data.

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Who is welcome?

Everyone! You may have noticed that the requirements to apply do not include any details regarding the technical skills or the background. That is because The Data School has been and always will be background-agnostic. Some of us do have strong technical backgrounds (in maths or data), but equally others have backgrounds in industries and interests as varied as journalism or hospitality and amongst us, we have both career starters and career changers. We want to continue to encourage a wider group to join us – not only with varied professional backgrounds but also cultural backgrounds. We know that our differences give us strength and that a greater variety of viewpoints leads to better insight into data. The only common ground needed therefore is a passion for the subject.

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What are the Benefits?

£30k first year rising to £35k per year for the remaining time
25 days holiday
Annual Christmas party (in May!) – previous locations Barcelona, Slovenia, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Hamburg
Generous support for new parents
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) membership
Regular and continuous support in your personal and professional development

What is it like to work here?

As a relatively young company, we’ve grown a lot in the last few years. Recruiting eight people every two months means we’re continuing to grow rapidly, so no one feels “new” for long.

Whether in training or on placement, you always have access and support from our internal community, where you can ask for help in technical and not-so-technical matters from the whole team. If you don’t like the idea of messaging the entire company, then we have pod and mentor systems to provide that extra layer of personal help.

You will be encouraged to keep on learning and to share what you’ve learned in the form of blog posts, videos, talks, and any other way you want.

We’re committed to making The Information Lab a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of race, religion, religious belief, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation and know that this makes us a better place to work and in a better place to serve our customers. We have a flat hierarchy and a transparent way of working, where everyone is encouraged to put forward their views. We also host regular round table discussions on diversity and bi-weekly firm-wide Q&As, giving you the opportunity to have your opinion heard and learn from others to help us all be more inclusive.

It’s fantastic to feel needed in organisations we go into and for good reason. We make a difference in people’s working lives that saves them time and money. The support and trust given by The Information Lab and other Data Schoolers alike are incredibly uplifting. Nothing is too big a task

George Dafoulas
Nathan Leather
DS 15

The feeling that no time is ever wasted because you learn from every experience at The Information Lab. It really encourages me to try things, and feels great when you finally get it working or find someone who can help you get there.

George Dafoulas
Kolsuma Aktar
DS 13

Sounds great, how do I apply?

Join Tableau
Find Inspiration
Get Data
Create Your Viz
Share It
The Interview

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Join Tableau
1. Join Tableau

Join the community and download Tableau Public by creating a new account. For tips on how to get started, these videos are great.

Find Inspiration
2. Find Inspiration

From the submissionsof our very first class, to the Tableau Public Gallery, there’s brilliant examples for you to look at and research. Need more inspiration, check out Coach Andy’s page to see what previous cohorts have created to get into The Data School.

Get Data
3. Get Data

Choose any data set you want! We mean it; from politics to sport, TV and popular culture. Tableau provide many data sets on theirresources page. Still unsure of what data to use? Check out the 90+ datasets available on the Makeover Monday website. Our top tip is to find data that interests you.

Create Your Viz
4. Create Your Viz

Now the fun begins! Once you have your data set, you can begin creating your winning viz! Once it’s ready, publish it for all to see. Need help? Get in touch with any of the team or coaches! We’re more than happy to give advice and guidance. There are plenty of training videos on Tableau Public and tons of tips written by Data Schoolers past and present.

Share It
5. Share It

Once your work is live on Tableau Public and collecting love from the community, click on ‘Apply Now’ button below for the cohort you wish to apply for! Let our team of coaches help improve your viz. We review all visualisations sent our way and if you get it in early, we’ll provide feedback for you to make it even better. While you’re at it, send us a nice note too. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

6. Interview

If we see passion, creativity and a flair for data, we'll follow up with you personally and invite you in for an interview with the team.

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    Frequently asked questions

    When will the application process for the next intake start?

    We are always accepting applications and you may apply for any open cohort at any time. When applying, be sure to specify if you are applying for the February, June or October cohort. Please be sure you are registered on our mailing list to receive all of the details.

    Do successful applicants to the school have to pay for tuition?

    No; you will be paid to attend the Data School. You will become an employee of The Information Lab on a fixed term contract for 28 months. Expect to spend four (4) months in the Data School and then the remainder of the time working on placements with clients.

    Can The Information Lab provide sponsorship for individuals without working visas for the UK?

    Not currently. We may offer this in the future.

    What kind of clients can I expect to get placements/consult with?

    Expect to work for clients who have large data problems. Whilst these could occur in just about any industry sector, we anticipate placements being with large financial services clients, as well as retail and media clients.

    What’s the time commitment?

    A place at the Data School is a full time role. We don’t expect it to feel like work though, we expect it to be a lot of fun!

    Do I get some kind of certification/qualification?

    There is no formal qualification planned from the Data School. You will, however, be expected to take certification exams in Tableau Server, Tableau Desktop and Alteryx Designer.