Data Vertigo - Level of Detail & Granularity

by Alvaro Gonzalez

In first week of training at The Data School you will spend a lot of your time learning from basics. Sometimes you may feel like this is superfluous, especially since you demonstrated some proficiency in Tableau for your application.

There is a reason that everything is taught from basics and in this blog I wanted to discuss what led me to this realization: the relationship between Granularity & Level of Detail.

Granularity describes of the level of detail of a data field. The Granularity of a dataset is the categorical fields that describe each record/row.

The more granular your data is, the more precise will be and vice-versa.

The higher the level of detail, the less precise the data will be and vice-versa

Confused yet? So was I when I first heard that explanation, especially as both terms are often used when discussing data.

This confusion highlighted to me how important it is to understand the fundamental concepts from day one and made me appreciate why we are taught that way.

I’m sure with more practice using the terms will become second nature but luckily in the meantime, the below graphic exists to help explain.

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