What did it take to get into DSDE6?

by Peter Gamble-Beresford

It wasn't long since I last wrote one of these, but we now have six, (yes six!) new colleagues who have started in our most recent German Data School Cohort. Here is a selection of their application efforts.

Below are two images per person, the first of which is their initial application, the second of which is their final interview application.

Please feel free to click the images and explore the visualisations, or click through to our consultants' profile pages.

If you think you've got what it takes to join us, do get in touch! We are happy to help you learn during the process of applying - click here to find out more!

Finn Kappus

Temperature Changes
Car Crashes

Franziska Schwade

The Rise of K-Pop
Enhancing Road Safety

Mihai Mazareanu

NFL in Deutschland
Montgomery County Car Accidents

Muhammad Cakradewa

Covid Cases
Car Accident Analysis

Nuki Susanti

Road Crash Analysis
How safe is Los Angeles?

Volha Fiadotava

Montgomery Crash Chronicles


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