DS41 Dashboard Week Day 1 - Shopping Basket Prices

DS41 have made it through 16 weeks of training and it’s time for their final week, which can only mean one thing: Dashboard Week! It’s a right of passage and a chance to put all they’ve learned into practice. The best advice we can give as coaches is to plan, start off simply and build from there if you get time, but, most importantly, don’t forget best practices!

Some general rules that will apply each day unless otherwise stated:

  1. They must work independently
  2. They must create a sketch of their plan for their dashboard and show this during their presentation
  3. They are welcome to bring in any additional data they like
  4. The dashboard they create must be uploaded to Tableau Public
  5. They must write a blog post detailing their work throughout the day
  6. At 3.30pm, they will present their data prep, sketch and viz

We’ll kick things off with some data from the Office for National Statistics, more specifically, a shopping price comparison tool which allows a user to see how prices of items have changed over the past year. The underlying data includes many years worth of the data so there’s definitely an opportunity to enrich this analysis!

DS41 should use Tableau Prep for their data preparation needs and Tableau Desktop to build their visualisation.

See you at 3.30pm for presentations, good luck!

Jenny Martin
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