Supply Chain Dashboard Showcase- Power BI

by Harvey Joyce

I wanted to create a supply chain dashboard that a manager in a supply chain/operations team can use. The main area I wanted to focus on is resource management, e.g is the company using their carriers and warehouses in the best way?

The report is split into 3 main sections

Executive Overview Page:

  • For executives and senior management, the executive overview page provides a high-level snapshot of supply chain performance. KPIs such as total orders, total units, orders per customer, and units per customer offer insights into overall business health and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Utilization rates across carriers and service levels help identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement in transportation logistics.
  • The chart showcasing popular journeys (port to port) offers valuable insights into demand patterns and helps optimize transportation routes.

Warehouse Performance Page:

  • Warehouse managers can leverage the warehouse performance page to monitor and optimize warehouse operations. The chart depicting order volume and capacity utilization helps identify warehouses that are operating at capacity or experiencing bottlenecks.
  • Understanding the number of customers each warehouse serves enables better resource allocation and customer service management.
  • The scatter plot illustrating warehouse performance in terms of average unit costs and delivery timeliness helps identify areas for cost reduction and operational efficiency improvements.

Order Overview Page:

  • For operations teams and customer service representatives, the order overview page provides detailed information on individual orders. The ability to filter orders by specific criteria such as warehouse, order size, and delivery status enhances visibility and streamlines order management processes.
  • Access to real-time data enables timely responses to customer inquiries and proactive problem-solving.

My data is from: Real World Fake Data (click the link on the side!)