Dashboard Week Day 5 - Iowa Liquor Sales

by Cecily Santiago

Today we're working with Iowa Liquor Sales data from 2017-2019. This is the dataset Val used in her application! It'll be interesting to see what she did versus what we end up with.

10 am

The data isn't too bad. Getting lat and long for each county from the census data set. Doing a bit of prep to select fields, change data types, and nicely format strings for the other dataset. Not sure what I'm going to focus on.

11 am

Just finished data prep and getting familiar with the fields. Starting to explore the data in Tableau and get some ideas for my dashboard to put on my Excalidraw.

12 pm

I'm focusing on location--where do ppl drink the most? city/country? do preferences vary? I brought in city population data to help show this.

2 pm

I've got one chart–map showing liquor store density vs city population– and analysis on a dashboard formatted how I'd like. That counts as an MVP. Going to try for a dynamic map next. I'm really aiming to have fun with color on this one, even if the coaches might not like it.

3:30 pm

Got my dashboard done! got the dynamic map! Goodbye dashboard week!

See my dashboard on Tableau Public