5 things I have gained in my first week of the Data School

by Cammy Phillips
  1. A greater appreciation of where data comes from and goes to

On day 2 we had a session on modern data architecture. This really helped with getting my head around all of the jargon surrounding data and what it actually means. ‘De-buzzing’ buzz words and understanding the purposes of certain softwares and hardwares will really help me choose the correct tools in the future and understand where things may go wrong in the future from data storage all the way to final data analytics and visualisation

2. Quite how great the capabilities of alteryx are

Despite the fact that we have only very much skimmed the surface of the capabilities of alteryx using probably less than 10 tools, it was incredibly evident that in a business setting it could save hours (or even days) at a time in making data sets more mailable and ready to use.

Knowing this after using only 10 out of the 200 plus tools I have been able to manipulate and organise my data in such a quicker and easier way really excites me to learn more about the other ways to use alteryx

3. We really do kick off straight away

By day 2 we were already presenting, day 3 we were using alteryx, by day 5 we had a project and presentation. We really do learn by doing so I am very grateful that the hands on approach has been adopted by the data school because doing really is the best way to learn and develop

4. How competitive my cohort seem to be

Blog posts, weekly alteryx, tableau challenges and not to forget table tennis! The leader boards and ability to be crowned the ‘best’ DS cohort really get all of our competitive sides out. My cohort has pledged to be the best and win all of the competitions… how long this stamina will last I won’t commit to!

5. How many people are a part of The Information Lab and the Data School

I don’t think I have met so many new people (especially those that were so friendly and keen to learn about me and my story) since maybe my first week of University. With so many cohorts being in the office - be that due to cohorts being in training; back to school weeks (including a cohort from Germany); as well as the people that are in either working on placements or as a part of the core team and; then also the meet and greet on Tuesday (Something I would recommend any potential DS candidates to go to to get a feel for the company). Having such a busy office is such a nice opportunity to meet new people (as well as know who to ask for help when I inevitably get stuck).

Cammy Phillips

Wed 03 Aug 2022