Week 2 Roundup: Tableau tips, James Eiloart and viz makeovers

by Anna Noble

Tableau’s James Eiloart with DS8


In Week 2, Andy Kriebel gave DS8 a large dose of Tableau training.  For their Friday presentations, the group used the data they had prepared for the previous week’s Alteryx project to help them re-viz and add context to their application Tableau dashboard.

Check out Nora’s application Makeover in her review of the week

DS8 Week 2 in Review

Read about Tableau’s James Eiloart’s visit to the Data School

How is Tableau shaping Business Intelligence worldwide?

And of course here’s all their Tableau Tips

Just The Tips 1 – Extra Colourful Dimension

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

Blue And Green Pills – What Do They Mean Tableau?

Using a Top 10 filter on top of another filter

How to create a bump chart in Tableau

Viz in Tooltips – How can they help you?

The Top 5 Things I Learned Today


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