Data School Roundup - April 25 to May 1, 2022

It's my last week filling in on this roundup (Global Coach Andy is back from his sabbatical), and it's FULL of fresh blog posts.  I can tell that DS30 had a wonderful time this week exploring Set and Parameter Actions in Tableau, and you'll see some fancy chart types from DSDE2.


  1. Alteryx Spatial - Generalize & Poly-Build by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  2. Accessing Password Protected Spreadsheets in Alteryx by James Driver
  3. Creating an Extended Bar Chart in Tableau by Frederik Egervari
  4. Predicting Values in the Future – Time Forecasting Tools in Alteryx by Frederik Egervari


  1. Using a Coordinate System to generate Tableau Visualizations by Frederik Egervari
  2. How to create a basic timeline in Tableau by Nhung Le
  3. Embed link to a bar chart? It is easier than you think by Nhung Le
  4. How to create a highlight parameter action bar chart by John Power
  5. Tableau order of operations - overview by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  6. Ten second tip - Replacing sheets in Tableau dashboards by Nathan Purvis
  7. Highlight chart selection by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  8. How to create a quadrant changing color scatter graph by John Power
  9. Double layer drill down by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva
  10. How to use a Parameter to select a range of dates on a line graph by John Power
  11. Parameter Drill Down in Tableau by Skomantas Tamulaitis
  12. Changing your spots: Dynamic Highlight Scatterplots by Caitlin Walsh
  13. How to create a single / double drill down bar graph by John Power
  14. Dynamische Überschriften für einen Wechsel erstellen by Romina Wiechern
  15. The Devil's in the details by Abiramm Thavajothy
  16. Dual vs Shared, which is which by Algirdas Grajauskas
  17. Ramen Review: Implementing User Interactivity with Parameters by Tom Dobson
  18. Interaction between different Dashboards using Dashboard Actions in Tableau by Nhung Le
  19. Tableau Tutorials: Table Calculation Parameter by Thanoshaan Thayalan
  20. Tableau – Adding „All“ Option in Parameter by Sreekanth Arathil Condoth
  21. Joining tables with different date ranges by Dorinna Pentchev
  22. Understanding {LOD} Level of Detail Expression by Kristine Wiesner


  1. Dashboard Design - Excalidraw by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  2. Giving a Great Presentation by Algirdas Grajauskas
  3. Good table manners: Using cognitive load to improve presentation by Abiramm Thavajothy
  4. My week as Project Manager by Patrice Tiana Grant
  5. Time & Expectation management when doing customer projects by Nhung Le
Ann Jackson
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