Data School Roundup - April 18-24, 2022

So what's been on the mind of the Data School this week?  Spatial analysis, maps, SQL, and chart types - just as a start!  Check out each of the blogs below for an in-depth discussion on the topics.


  1. Diverging bar charts with consistent scales by Dorinna Pentchev
  2. Working With Charts- 5 Tips on Good Practice by Edward Sinclair-Hughes
  3. Creating a Burndown Chart in Tableau by Frederik Egervari
  4. Granularity & Fixed LOD Introduction by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  5. Tableau – Synchronize Axes across Sheets by Sreekanth Arathil Condoth
  6. Hexbin Heatmaps in Tableau by Tanya Fischer


  1. Finding the Nearest Anything in Alteryx by Tanya Fischer
  2. Alteryx Spatial - Create Points by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  3. Alteryx Spatial - Distance by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  4. Discovering spatial objects in Alteryx. by Tram Nguyen
  5. Alteryx Spatial - Smooth by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  6. Revisiting the Unique Tool in Alteryx by Dorinna Pentchev
  7. Web Scraping in Alteryx by Frederik Egervari


  1. A week as Project Manager on Client Project by Mary-Leena Tchenkoue
  2. Replace special characters using RegEx in Tableau, Alteryx and python by Oksana Kirschbaum
  3. Generate Test Data with Mockaroo by Kristine Wiesner
  4. Snowflake Time Travel by Yana Arkhipenka
  5. Snowflake Parsing by Patrice Tiana Grant
  6. How to Use Snowflake Time Travel as a Parameter in Tableau by Yana Arkhipenka
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