Data School Roundup - April 11-17, 2022

Wow!  This week we added close to 30 new blogs to our growing library of content.  DS31 out of the UK is on week 2, so you can find out how they're handling the process of remaking and reimaging data sets for sharing.  And it's clear that DS30 has been having tons of fun with parameters and sheet swapping.


  1. Block Until Done - Alteryx by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  2. Alteryx Joins with Alan, Annie and Andy (but not Barney) by John Power


  1. How to create a Toggle Switch with Parameters? by Robin von Malottki
  2. MOVE SELECTED ITEMS TO TOP by Romina Wiechern
  3. Condition-based hiding of Worksheets by Frederik Egervari
  4. Building a Chart Chooser by Tanya Fischer
  5. Week 2 - One chart at a time by Algirdas Grajauskas
  6. Tableau Tutorials: Barbell Charts by Thanoshaan Thayalan
  7. How to create a donut chart in Tableau by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  8. Making charts was slow until I met Tableau by Tom Stinson
  9. Controlling the size of graphs when filtering by Skomantas Tamulaitis
  10. KPI's & a Chart in one sheet by Zdravka Bratuhtcheva


  1. Project Management Part 1 by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  2. Nerves & Curves | Week One at the Data School by Tom Dobson
  3. Starting your Data School application: top tips by Caitlin Walsh
  4. Tips to survive your first week online by Charalambos Nicholas Pavlou
  5. Top Three Application Tips from Current Data Schoolers by Sophie Sparkes
  6. Data School Week 2 Project: Critiquing a #MakeoverMonday Visualisation by Thanoshaan Thayalan
  7. Makeover Monday, learning how to analyse and input changes by Algirdas Grajauskas
  8. DS31 Training Blog: Week 2 by Thanoshaan Thayalan
  9. Makeover Monday End of week 2 by Charalambos Nicholas Pavlou
  10. Week 2- ReVIZiting #MakeoverMonday by Edward Sinclair-Hughes
  11. Fixing a viz is the name of the biz(ness) by Tom Stinson
  12. Let's Rework: Mobile Data by Tom Dobson
  13. A Visionary and a Guide: the need for dashboard creators and presenters by Abiramm Thavajothy
  14. Week 2: Makeover Monday but it's Thursday by Dorinna Pentchev
  15. Project Management Part 2 by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  16. Project Management Part 3 (Finale) by Robson Hemans-Alexander
  17. Makeover Monday: Visualisations are Coming by Abiramm Thavajothy
Ann Jackson
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