Dashboard Week Day 2: Design an Infographic

For day 2, DS40 will visualize data in the form of an infographic.

What is an infographic?

From infogram:

An infographic is simply a visual representation of information and data. By combining elements of text image, chart, diagram and, more recently, video, an infographic is an effective tool to present data and explain complex issues in a way that can quickly lead to insight and better understanding.

An infographic is:
- A data-rich visualization of a story.
- A tool to educate and inform.
- A way to build brand awareness.

The data comes from FiveThirtyEight containing “details the deaths of Marvel comic book characters between the time they joined the Avengers and April 30, 2015, the week before Secret Wars #1.”

Since the data is hosted on data.world, no data prep should be required unless they decided themselves to overcomplicate it. I'd recommend using Google and Pinterest for inspirational infographics.

Some special rules for today:

  1. They MUST draw out their ideas before exploring the data. We expect them to show their viz planning during their presentations tomorrow.
  2. Create an infographic; use any tool you’d like. Feel free to experiment and learn something new.
Andy Kriebel
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