What did it take to get into DS12?

by Andy Kriebel

We had 84 applications for DS12, who started their training on December 3rd. This week, as DS11 finishes their training, and DS12 become the more senior cohort next week, I wanted to look back at their applications and share what each of them created to get into the Data School. In the end, we accepted eight people into their cohort, with another nine joining them next week as part of DS13.

As you look at these, you might notice the data sets are different. Why?

  1. Some of them applied early enough and showed enough promise that we brought them in for an early interview.
  2. Some were finalists from previous cohorts, e.g., DS11, and were offered a spot in DS12.
  3. Some were offered the role after the final interviews for DS12.

I tell you this to encourage you to apply early. This gives you more time to iterate on your application and you have the potential to be offered an early interview. To be honest, most of the applications we see that aren’t sent in until the last day don’t make it to the phone screen stage. So don’t wait! Get your applications in!

The deadline for DS14 is Feb 8.