How to use Top N Filters

by Michael Imbriale

Top N Filters will let you Rank and Filter out dimensions by the top n of the measure you choose.  So, let’s jump right into Tableau and get started.

We have our superstore data, and we are going to drag Sum of Sales in the columns and States into rows to make a bar chart.

Now there are all the states here in the view, but we only need the top 10 states. So, to use the filter we will drag in the pill that we want to filter by, which is states in this case to the filter card.

In the filter menu, we will click on the top pane to open the top menu. In this menu we can choose to filter by field or by formula, in this case we are going to filter by field. Since we want the top 10, we will enter the 10, but notice that you may enter a parameter in this field, and then choose to sum of sales to filter by.

And Tableau will return the top 10 states with the highest sales. Something cool about this filter is if you only wanted the top 10 states by sales for just January, all you would need to do is drag order date to filters, and Tableau will show you the top 10 states in sales for January.

Tue 14 Nov 2023

Tue 03 Oct 2023

Mon 16 Oct 2023